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New Article! Create an Element and Place It on the Screen

One of the most frequent tasks in customization is creating a screen element and placing it. It could be an ad, or an image, or an opt-in box. Despite all these different uses, screen elements share a basic setup — and this article shows you how to do it!

Create an Element and Place It on the Screen” first shows you how to set up a basic box with an id in custom.css and a simple function in custom_functions.php. Then it provides you with a real-life example of putting a “Subscribe by RSS” phrase and icon on a Multilevel Dropdown menu bar. The example includes all the code required, plus illustrations showing the various stages of getting the subscribe box into place.

I have lots of interesting and useful articles on tap, some big, some small. For example, a couple of little articles on finding hex color codes and controlling spam with the .htaccess file. Then a larger article on how to build and place two-column sidebar boxes.

On another matter, my Resources tab is empty right now, and may remain so. The DIYthemes Forums have started a new section, “Resources and Tutorials” that does much of what I intended my Resources section to do. Grouped under headings are listed external internet resources for many Thesis subjects, which is exactly what my Resources section is intended to do.

As a basic principle of this site, I have said that I will not duplicate material found elsewhere, so I’m thinking about doing away with the section and finding something else to fill its place.

What do you think?