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Toolbox Essentials – Tutorial: Browser Detection to Execute IE Hacks

If you are a Firefox, Chrome or Mac user, you might be familiar with this scenario: Your Thesis site looks great and you are all proud. Then a friend emails you that your page is a mess in Internet Explorer. You gaze at the attached screenshot in horror. What can you do?

A new article, “Tutorial: Browser Detection to Execute IE Hacks” gives you two solutions. They will allow you to detect the Internet Explorer browser and include CSS code just for them to get them looking right. You can detect all IE browsers, or individual ones to target the problem.

Cross-browser compatibility is a big issue for developers. Clients insist on their sites looking the same in all browsers. These methods give you the tools needed to make the sites appear the same in all versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome both on the Mac and in Windows.

These tools are not always needed, but when they are, they are essential!