WARHOL-QuadrantBecause I work so quickly and efficiently, my rates are very reasonable. The amount of work you get for dollar spent far exceeds that of others that may quote a lower price.

I like to quote a flat rate for an entire project, and give a discount for doing so. I believe it is to your advantage: If I run into complications, you are not paying for me to resolve them.

However, if you request it, I will also work for an hourly rate. Sometimes I will quote an hourly rate with a cap, which is particularly cost-effective when I am uncertain about the work required for a project.

When we begin a project, you will know exactly what to expect, when to expect delivery, and how much it will cost. There will be no mysteries. My quotes include a list of deliverables, the date I will begin, and how long it will take me to complete the project.

As mentioned, I provide sixty days’ of free support after the project is finished for your questions and any corrections to the work I’ve done.

Please feel free to discuss your project with me by email — just click on the “Contact” button in the button bar. Even if it’s just an idea you’re batting around, let’s talk about it.

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