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I favor simple and clean designs that impart a professional, competent impression to the viewer that enhances your site’s appeal, not only visually, but emotionally, and intellectually, as well. It is an added bonus that this kind of design loads quickly and makes a light load on your server.

One of my particular strengths lies in user navigation of sites. It is one thing for someone to visit a site; it is quite another for them to explore deeper into the site and stay longer. For that you need multiple systems of navigation that pull the user in, converting them from visitor to a reader who will return again and again. If a visitor can’t find what they want on your site, they will leave in frustration, never to return.

Although it would give me pleasure to design your site along these lines, I have long experience working in teams with others. If you have a favorite designer and artist, I will be glad to work with them to develop your site to meet your goals.

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