“I met Mike through the DIY discussion forums. I was immediately impressed by how quickly he was able to complete his projects. If you’re looking for a quality job done fast, I definitely recommend Mike.”

– Rob Feltz, The Four O’Clock Project

“Thanks for all your work! I really think you did a first-rate job, and I couldn’t be any happier.”

– David Irvine

“Mike the site is great! You did an awesome job! Thank you very much!”

– Steve Creek

“Mike recently completed the design of my site (www.primeproficiency.com). The design was exactly what I was looking for. In addition to implementing exactly what I asked, Mike asked questions and provided recommendations that I never would have thought of. Mike’s professionalism was refreshing, and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of the site and with Mike’s abilities.

I highly recommend Mike for your Thesis theme needs.”

– Brad Botz

“Michael Nichols works fast, understands project needs, communicates efficiently and won’t let you down.

I recently took on a project where I had to subcontract out the programming. The initial programmers I selected were not ready when I needed them so I hired another group of programmers. They did not understand the concept or the directions and a project that was supposed to take one week stretched out to 4 weeks. The client was upset that delivery of the website took so long and my reputation was at stake. I had to fix this and fix it quick.

I was afraid of hiring another programmer that might not understand the project needs but I got really really lucky because the next programmer I found was Michael.

Michael understood what I needed and helped me fix the problems and deliver the site to the client in 3 days. He also went above and beyond the call of duty when I had problems with the server setup and he stayed with me on the phone until it was working perfectly even though it was really late where he lives.

I will always work with Michael in the future on projects like this and I recommend him highly to anyone who has WordPress or other programming needs. If you explain the project to him and he says he can do it, not only will he do it he’ll do it perfectly, you can take that to the bank!”

– Liz Ambrose

“Mike Nichols designed and implemented my Thesis template. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and great to work with. Thank you for the advice, help, and fast turnaround Mike!”

– Mike Masin

“Thanks Mike. I really like the look of the site. What you did to the latest post looks great. And your tutorials are very well written. I can tell I’m working with someone who knows his stuff.”

– Robert Wilson

“Mike had helped me on the Thesis Forum a few times in the past. I now needed a face for my site. Mike created for me a crisp, clean and functional website. We were in constant contact for the week and Mike was quick with his intuition to realise the design and functionality of my site. His work exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend his work and valued experience.”

– Gregory Barr

“My client really likes the way your sub-menu navigation works. The designer and owner love it. Look forward to working with you on future projects.”

– Tom Todd, consultant for Confluence Digital

“Take a bow — it looks FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU my friend!!!”

– Charles Welling

“Thanks again for all your assistance! You are truly a master!”

– Sara Nowlin

“The website and membership site all look really great. I feel very happy about how it all turned out!”

– Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi

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