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Making It Easy for You! Feedburner Setup

Feedburner is Google’s free service that makes having attractive RSS feeds a snap. It’s not hard to set up an account, but some of the more important services are hidden away under lots of menu tabs and sidebar menus.

The new article, “Feedburner Setup,” makes it all easy for you. It shows you in five illustrated steps how to set Feedburner up in under five minutes!

Also included is the way to set up RSS email subscriptions and why you should.

The article is catalogued in the Tips section under “Google Services Setup.”

Fourth of July, El Stupido, and Wandering Snippets

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! Most people take the day off and do the barbecue thing. I will do hot dogs at my best buddy’s house, but otherwise I’ll be plugging away here at the Nichols Nuthouse. My wife is in England and my daughter is doing her own thing, so I have the space to do what I want, which is plug away.

DEVONthink Pro – try it!

I set up a database in DEVONthink Pro for Thesis Theme Tools. Here I will keep my daily posts, along with all the code snippets and articles I clip. Not only a central repository, but searchable. It’s where I’ll write my posts, too. I’ve used DTP from the beginning for my other blog, Anxiety Panic & Health, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it for this blog — I wouldn’t have lost those posts if I had. Oh well.

Yesterday I do what I intended — life intervened — but I did get a few things done:

  • Got a FeedBurner account.
  • Set up an image-based subscribe by RSS and email, and Twitter images in a widget. I already had the images from before The Big Stupido, so it didn’t take long — ripped the code off from the Mom Talk Blog with 3 Kids and Us rather than exercise my rusty HTML table skills.
  • Refined the look by making the contextual menu and background behind the button bar black and cm text white. Not so garish. May make the border a different color, too.

Today I plan to (most of which are brought over from yesterday):

  • Bring all the wandering snippets of code into DTP — this may take a while, but necessary.
  • Start a color table in custom.css for all the colors I’ve used so far.
  • Set up Google Custom Search for Thesis Theme Tools.
  • Decide where I want the search bar. I was thinking in the header, but it’s already pretty crowded. May just put it in the sidebar for right now. I do want to have a cute little spyglass, though.
  • Work on the footer widgets more to get the fonts larger in the heading and body.
  • Restore the Anxiety, Panic & Health widget I lost in The Move.

And if I have time:

  • Do more detailed planning of the menu tree. I’ve decided not to make dummy pages for all my planned documents, because users would get irritated if they clicked on something and it was just a placeholder.
  • Replicate the tutorial on Contextual Submenus I lost in the move.
  • Finish writing the tutorial on Image-Based Menus/Submenus. Try to think up a better name for it. Button Bar Menu/Submenu?
  • Start writing content, such as the landing page and some content pages. I can take some of the latter from the DIY Snippets document where I keep some of the more common and/or long-winded replies on the DIYthemes Forum.
  • Think and research what it would take to do video tutorials.
  • Decide whether I want pictures on the blog and teasers. If I do, I need to contact HostGator about some necessary server setting changes for the teasers.

That’s it. See you tomorrow!