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You’ve been heard! Color Individual Tabs on the Thesis 1.6 Nav Bar

Many of you have requested an update of the article about coloring individual menu tabs in Thesis 1.5.1. Your wait is over!

Thesis 1.6 offers even more ways to color your menu tabs, even without the dropdown menus. You can color the unselected tabs and hover colors individually, the selected tab, and each tab’s dropdown and dropdown hover colors. Even the RSS Subscribe word can be colored.

Color Individual Tabs on the Thesis 1.6 Nav Bar shows you how to do all this with many illustrations and code examples. The tutorial is clear and easy to follow, with each type of coloring having both an image and the code showing you how it was done.

Now you can exactly match your menu with your color scheme, or color your tabs by the categories they represent as I did with ChampagneGossip, which is still under development at this moment.

See, I do listen to you! On tap are many more articles that you, the readers, have suggested!