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by Mike Nichols

If you have reached this site from Anxiety, Panic & Health, you may be a little dismayed at what you have found! The Thesis theme for WordPress is the software I use to make these blogs appear as they do. It has nothing to do with Anxiety Disorders, and everything to do with the nuts-and-bolts behind what you see on the screen. I have linked here from Anxiety, Panic & Health because I have received many questions about how I use the Thesis theme from its readers.

Besides being vitally interested in mental health topics, and the Anxiety Disorders in particular, I have a deep interest in the Thesis theme for WordPress, participating frequently in the community at the DIYthemes Forums, and actively developing solutions for it. This interest has led me to create Thesis Theme Tools. I hope you take a moment to read more about this great piece of software!

15 reasons Why Thesis Is the World’s Best WordPress Theme

This site is all about the Thesis theme for WordPress from DIYthemes. It is more than the typical fanboi site that is built on a shaky foundation and is here today and obsolete tomorrow. I would not waste my time if it were.

The Thesis theme is an established and rapidly growing product, one that is destined to have staying power in the world of WordPress themes for years to come. It has thousands of users and its user base is growing every day.

Thesis Theme Tools is meant to be a central repository of information about the Thesis theme that you can’t find anywhere else, organized in a manner that is readily accessible to every level of user. It is not meant to duplicate or compete with other great sites, such as the DIYthemes Answers site. Instead, it offers how-to’s, analyses, instructions, and resources that are unique, or often so spread about the internet that they’re hard to find. Many of the articles here arise from frequent questions on the DIYthemes Forums, and are presented in hopes that users will find a ready and complete solution to their problems on this site.

I believe that the Thesis theme for WordPress is the best available by far, whether free or paid. Why is this so?

Here’s the first 15 reasons why Thesis is the world’s best WordPress theme:

  1. Out of the box, Thesis can be customized rapidly and radically by just clicking a few boxes and changing a few numbers on the Thesis Options and Design Options pages. All without a line of code! Those wishing to further customize Thesis have a robust and easy-to-use framework to work with, without all the confusion of editing a multitude of core files.
  2. Thesis has a world-class forum where you can get troubleshooting support and learn how to customize the theme. And I do mean world-class: Its response time is generally on a par with telephone support, and goes into much greater depth than telephone support can offer. Searching the forum’s thousands of threads often gets you the answer you need in just minutes. And Thesis’ forum provides a world of cut-and-paste modifications — from simple to very complex. You don’t need to know how to program css or php to get a unique-looking site!
  4. Thesis is being actively developed. Chris Pearson, Thesis’ lead developer, keeps bringing new features to Thesis with every update. And the updates are frequent: I started with version 1.0.2, and in just 11 months, it has gone on to version 1.5.1.
  5. Access to the Thesis theme’s upgrades and forums are for life — no upgrade fees, no restrictions.
  6. Thesis is “upgrade-proof.” You make all your modifications in two files within a custom folder, and never touch the core files. That means that when there is an upgrade, all you have to do is transfer your custom folder and your modifications are there.
  7. The Thesis framework is rock-solid, and is built with the foresight and imagination that makes it an ideal platform for any kind of customizations you want. Thesis can be made to look the way you want it to. Just look at the sites in the Thesis showcase: not one of them looks like “Thesis,” yet they all take advantage of its robust underlying framework.
  8. Thesis’ system of hooks and filters gives you unprecedented control over every element on the page. You can move virtually anything anywhere, modify the appearance and actions of almost every element, and place your own objects anywhere on the page. And that’s just to start with!
  9. Thesis speeds up development. Witness godhammer’s setup of a complete site in less than five hours. What would take days to accomplish with other themes takes only hours with Thesis.
  10. Thesis’ learning curve is much less steep than for other themes, and what you learn remains valid with each upgrade. For example, Thesis has had its hooks system since version 1.2. Each new version has added new hooks, but you don’t have to relearn the hook system — just add onto it. Thesis introduced filters in version 1.5.1, and each new version will have more to work with. Once you get your head around how they work, you will never have to relearn how Thesis filters function.
  11. Thesis is optimized for speed and efficiency. It loads far faster than most themes, even when burdened by many plugins, widgets, and images. Check out this article for how it’s done.
  13. Thesis has the greatest implementation of SEO of any theme available, free or paid. You don’t need a bunch of SEO plugins to rank high in Google search results. But if you have been using All-in-One-SEO, Thesis will either let you keep using it, or convert your settings over to “Thesis-friendly” ones.
  14. Thesis is built with accessibility in mind. Your ability to reach different audiences -— those with special needs, people using alternative Web browsers, mobile users — is built into the Thesis framework, rather than tacked on, as in other themes.
  15. Users have a real voice in new features added to Thesis. The DIYthemes Forums have an active “Feature Request” section that is watched closely by the developers, and is the source for many of the improvements to the theme.

These are just some of the reasons why Thesis is so far superior to other WordPress themes. I could have gone on, but I think 15 reasons are enough!

I hope you enjoy Thesis Theme Tools, and find it a useful aid to your exploration and exploitation of the Thesis theme! Please feel free to make suggestions for topics either in article comments or by using the “Contact” tab to email me directly.

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